Photo editing software allows you to play in millions of ways with a single image.
You can create thousands of images from a single image using any photo editing software.
Mostly it is done using the cutting, cropping and pasting techniques. In advance photo editing language, the cropping means only cutting a specific part of the image.

Using your creative photo cropping skills, you can make wonders in photo editing fields.
Suppose you have an image of your last day at school and some of your friend wasn’t present at that time of the memorable moment. You can add him and can gift him to make him surprise.

This can be done using photo cropping technique. There are Lasso and Magic Wand Tools in photo editing software like Photoshop. Some people prefer to use pen tool for this purpose.

You can crop and cut your friend’s image and paste it into the image you want. After little adjustments of Brightness and Contrast, you can get your friend in the image perfectly.

Using the same techniques you can make wonderful images by mixing different pictures. You can generate your own effects like you might have seen a black and white image with only one object colorful.

This can be done using cropping and painting manually. You might have heard about green screen. That is the best example of creative photo cropping.

This cropping feature is now added in various advance tablet phone devices like Samsung Galaxy Note had this feature. Cut and crop any image or object and place are where ever you want.

With the magic of creative cropping photo techniques, you can show the Pisa Tower adjacent to Eiffel Tower. This is now considered the basic technique as without this, it’s hard to create graphics.

Just practice and learn creative photo cropping to create new images from a single image.

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