Sometimes you need to edit some of your pictures and you don’t find any app to do that. Built-in free apps in your Operating Systems are not that much good to do even the basic edits. And everyone is not that much professional or good to use complex apps of photo editing. Keeping in view is launched to make basic photo editing easier. Now you don’t need to buy or install any photo editing software. You can do it simply online without installing any app on your computer or mobile phone devices.

Pixditor, as the name shows, is a combination of two words i.e. Pix and Editor. It’s a web app designed for very basic users to edit their pictures and to apply different filters and effects.

To use this web app you need nothing but an internet connection to log on to this website. Simply log on to and now you are ready to edit your favorite pictures online without requiring any professional knowledge. The best thing about this Web app is that it’s free to use and no monthly, yearly or one time charges are required to use this app. You can use it whenever wherever you want. Use this web app as many times as you need and you won’t be charged even a single penny for editing and saving your favorite pictures. If you have some pictures and you want to edit those then you need to follow very easy steps for editing and saving your pictures:

First of all you need to have all the pictures you want to edit saved on your PC or Mobile Phone device so you may browse the images easily. There’s an Add Photo Button on this web app. simply click on that button to browse and upload the picture you want to edit. Pixditor allows you to upload maximum 8 pictures at a time. When you browse pictures and upload all the images, the images are shown on the left side bar from where you can select the images for editing purpose.

Once uploading is complete and pictures are shown on left sidebar, it is the indication that pictures are successfully uploaded and you are ready to edit. Click on any of the image on sidebar and that picture will appear on the main central area of the web app. Now you can edit this selected image using the tools available on this web app. Tools are mentioned on this web app with icons. You can select different tools to edit like you are rotate the image, skew and stretch it, you can edit color balance, brightness, contrast and sharpness. You can resize the picture to any size you want. Pixditor also allows you to cut and paste different parts of images like you use to do in MS Paint.

You can add text to your images by selecting font and color of your choice. There are some predefined filters and effect as well that you can use to edit your picture. You can use any of these free to use effects to make your picture artistic and beautiful. Using you can get a very professional looking picture without learning any professional photo editing app. Once you have done all the editing to your picture and you are satisfied with the output, you can get the picture saved.

The saved picture can be downloaded to your PC or Mobile Phone Device so you may share it with others with any social app like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest etc.

So, was it that much difficult? Definitely it wasn’t at all. Pixditor has made photo editing just a fun and as easy as eating a burger. Get your pictures edited using Pixditor and impress your friends with your creativity.

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