Digital editing has made the field of photography an easier job. Now a person needs not to be very professional to take a perfect shot. Without caring for perfect light condition and perfect moment, you can take a snap then make it perfect later on with the help of photo editing software.

For example you took a snap and the light wasn’t good enough and the picture has faded colors then you can increase the exposure of the image and you will get the result as it was taken in perfect light. Brightness, Contrast and Gamma setting is another option to make the colors and light perfect. In advance photo editing software like Photoshop, there’s an option of Vibrance as well which allows you to enhance the colors and hence you can take a colorful snap even using a low quality camera.

Getting more advanced, you get the concept of layers. If you want to add many objects in a single image then you can add those using layers. For example there wasn’t clouds in the image you taken but you want to add clouds, you can do it by pasting some matching colored clouds in a new layer and then can adjust according to the picture.

Definitely some touching will be required to do that. Layers blending mode allows you to apply amazing effects to a single layer. Take the example of clouds, you can set the transparency of clouds, add shadow of an object in layer, you can add bevel and other such effects to the text or objects, texture or gradient can be added and much more.

After getting free from layers, there are some preset filters in every photo editing software’s which you can use. You can apply those filters to your entire image or the selected layer. Like; you can make your picture a classical black and white picture. You can make it like a painted picture or you may turn it into a sketch. There are tens of such filters available in every photo editing software. Start using and step into the world of Photo Editing.

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