When you get into digital photo editing, you come across the concept of layers. The idea of layers also comes in a very familiar application i.e. Microsoft Power Point that you often use for making presentation.

It helps you in creating very professional photos for your presentation and you add multiple objects in a single slide. The concept of layers in not that much complex.

You can take is simply like putting multiple transparent papers over each other having different prints or designs on each paper.

Layers are normally added to add multiple items or objects to a single image. For example you need to have a picture of a student desk and you need to show books, stationery items like pen, pencils, inkpot, note pads etc on the desk but you could not find all in one image on the web.

Now you can create such image using the features of layers in your Photo Editing Software of Power Point. Suppose you found an image of desk but it’s empty. Now find the image of books with transparent background and paste these books in a new layer and place on the proper place of the desk image in appropriate size.

Similarly you can find the other objects and you can place each in different layer. Different layers give you the liberty to edit, move, resize and modify each object independent of the others. For example if you are editing the color of inkpot, the other objects will not get affected. Hence you can match with the theme.

Transparency is an important aspect in layers. You can change the transparency of layers to set the visibility of the layer below that layer. Using transparency feature you can mix multiple images into a single one or you can add background or textures to your images.

Play with the layers using some photo editing software and you will create some awesome graphics.

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